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Breast-feeding in class, Fiets of Parenthood, children’s high salt intake: Omamas Take 5

View full sizeJonathan Maus/BikePortlandEmily Finch pedals her seven kids over the teeter-totter ramp at Sunday’s “Fiets of Parenthood” in Portland.

Take 5 minutes to catch up on parenting reading, with news on the hazards of too much sodium, a debate about age restrictions for young fashion models, and the beauty of being a mom.

Bikes: Fiets of Parenthood showcased family biking on Sunday in Portland. BikePortland’s Jonathan Maus photographed the scenes of parents and kids displaying their skills on a variety of kid-carrying bikes.

Breast-feeding: Assistant anthropology professor Adrienne Pine stirred debate last week after she breast-fed her baby in front of students in her class at American University. Pine, a single mother, said she brought her feverish daughter to work because she had no good option for child care. In an essay after the controversy erupted, Pine offers her side of the story. “I fed my sick baby during feminist anthropology class without disrupting the lecture so as to not have to cancel the first day of class. I doubt anyone saw my nipple, because I’m pretty good at covering it. But if they did, they now know that I too, a university professor, like them, have nipples. Or at least that I have one.” Pine appeared on HuffPost Live to talk about the experience.

Salt: American children eat nearly as much salt as adults consume on a daily basis, and that’s bad for kids’ health, a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds. About 15 percent of children in the study had either elevated or high blood pressure, according to this NPR post that looks at the sources of all that sodium. You guessed it: Processed foods take the heat on this one.

“I’m a Mom”: In the mood for some satire, or at least a chance to laugh at ourselves just a little bit? Fans of The New Yorker’s Shouts & Murmurs won’t want to miss Jenny Allen’s essay “I’m a Mom.” Here’s a sample: “The single gals, the gals who haven’t had children, don’t understand that. They expect to be thanked for things. But when was the last time your child said to you, ‘Thank you for taking me to the emergency room,’ or, ‘Thank you for writing my history paper for me’? And you know what? They don’t have to. Giving is our job.” Love it.

Teen models: Almost a year after new guidelines stipulated that 16 is the minimum age for girls to walk the runways, the New York Times asks: Should the age limit for modeling be higher? The debaters consider child labor laws, teenagers’ mental health, body-size standards, the role of parents and agents, and the significance of youth for women. It’s an interesting debate.