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Curiosity’s ‘Historic’ Mars Discovery Just a Big Misunderstanding

Do you recall the “historic” discovery made by NASA’s Mars rover which the space agency appeared to be teasing last week? Curiosity had reportedly found something that “is gonna be one for the history books,” a proclamation which had space enthusiasts the world over guessing that evidence of life had been discovered on the Red Planet.

Yeah, not so much. Or at least not yet, anyway.

It turns out the whole thing was a big misunderstanding, according to Mashable’s Amanda Wills. And not a transmission garbled over the hundreds of millions of miles separating Curiosity from her NASA minders back here on Earth, but rather some crossed signals of a much more pedestrian variety and much closer to home.

When Curiosity chief scientist John Grotzinger told NPR last week that the Mars rover had found something that “is gonna be one for the history books,” speculation about the possibly discovery of evidence of organic life quickly went into overdrive.

Less remarked upon was a rather cryptic tweet from the Curiosity team after the interview:

What did I discover on Mars? That rumors spread fast online. My team considers this whole mission “one for the history books” …

Wills figured the statement was a rather, well, curious one to make for a science team that was supposedly preparing to announce a groundbreaking Mars discovery in early December. She took the matter up with NASA social media manager Veronica McGregor, who described the tweet as an effort to “quell” a runaway rumor.

“It’s always difficult to quell rumors like this one. But at the same time it’s great to see so many people are excited and interested in what the rover might find,” McGregor told Mashable.

It seems that the misunderstanding between Grotzinger and NPR came about because the NASA scientist was discussing Curiosity’s mission and findings in general terms as “historic,” while the public radio programmer interpreted his words as a reference to a specific and recent discovery made by the surface probe.

So Grotzinger’s reference to a recent Curiosity soil sample-collecting foray that the mission’s “science team is busily chewing away on” was simply a description of the scientific process the team uses rather than a hint at a specific finding by the rover in the Martian soil, according to Wills.

McGregor further explained that the scientist’s discussion of new Curiosity data set to be released in December was just a reference to “a press conference slated for Dec. 3 at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting” which has “been on the books since Curiosity actually landed on Mars and does not coincide with a major announcement,” Wills reported.

Khloe Kardashian Worries that Kanye West Dominates Kim Kardashian

Should Khloe be concerned that her big sis Kim is in a controlling relationship with Kanye? HollywoodLife.com has the EXCLUSIVE details on what Khloe thinks about Kim’s rapper boyfriend.

The Kardashian women call the shots, at least most of the time. But Khloe Kardashian thinks Kim Kardashian is losing her edge now that she’s dating the “domineering” Kanye West. A friend of the Kardashian family tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively, “Khloe doesn’t dislike Kanye, she just doesn’t like the way Kim acts around him. She thinks Kim kowtows around Kanye and lets him run the show. Kanye has a very domineering personality and Khloe is concerned that Kim is losing herself in the relationship. Kim is usually the captain of the ship, but when she is around Kanye she lets him make all the decisions. Look at the way Kim dresses — she dresses for Kanye. “Khloe and Lamar have a very balanced relationship and she wants to see the same for Kim and Kanye.

All of the women in the Kardashian family pretty much rule their men, this is not the case when it comes to Kim and Kanye, ” said the friend.

2012 the Nike air max classic bw shoes can make you have a better performance in the sports field

In the series of custom made Nike air max classic bw shoes, I think your exquisite Nike Air Chunk 2009 will be the collection of most people. On the whole, the level of shoes is the plants of the science, classy technology and profile. Designers made almost all their efforts to improving the flexibility of Nike Flight Max2009 to offer the greatest benefit to runners’ feet. After that, Nike AirMax began the medical revolution and concluded issued depreciation about sports sneakers. By simply way of, Nike Men AirMax 2010 was in fact recently finished with particularly flexible, very easy, outstanding reliable and sufficiently flexible. Wearing such a kinds of shoes, you will sense that that you are walking upward.Being one of the most famous brands in the whole world, made from doubt that Gas Max2009 has great quality yet reliability. These incredibly shoes can obtain good reputation, serious trust and actual value. Of course, kinds of Nike designer trainers, such as Nike AirMax87, AirMax 91, Nike O2 Max 95. Nike AirMax87 will probably be first official start in the series of Nike models. In 1987, persons only want to compress air element in the bottom of the shoes, and the birth at Nike Air Max was just accord with the element of people. Therefore, Nike Aura Max successful engaged the market and straight away became the top selling nutritional supplement.

Due to the popularity of manufacturer Nike AirMax shoes in the market, various entity shops and web-based stores available to provide you with quality AirMax shoes when it comes to lower prices to patients, especially online shops. You are able to search online, you will gain zap. There are lots of cheap designer brand Nike AirMax available for clients available. Nike Air Max ‘2009’ is the most top selling rrnside the whole series.Nike The atmosphere Max2009 combines high end scientific knowledge and streamlined device for a premium drive and fit built for speed. If you are a athlete, designer AirMax 2009 is without a doubt ideal for you, seeing as Air Max2009 boasts largest comfort and cushioning from heel-strike to toe-off. Those full-length articulated Max Air equipment provides exceptional foam and allows for the new smoother, more natural movement through every twelve inches strike.Every reasonably Nike products has its own qualities and the exclusive person. Nike Air Max2009 are especially produced those who are willing to can out door activities. These items do not have one style, most sophisticated styles of Nike Air Maximum 2009 are made with assorted styles and colors to meet all sorts of requirements of consumers. This way, persons will have way more choices when they are determining on their favourite sandals.

Generally speaking, it is very admirable for the majority of sports ex’s to buy cheap artist Nike air max shoes This year. Excepting the good quality, much more has fashion shapes and dazzling colors to make you become the concentrate the crowd. And the very good flexibility provide the delicious comfort to your ft that make you have a healthier performance in the athletic field. Honestly communicating in, it is no better choice to buy discount designer Nike AirMax 2011.

2012 how to to find a suitable Nike free run 2 shoe

There are numerous varieties of specific sport footwear Nike free run 2 available on the market today because of all of the controlled advancements that have been earned. This makes the process of obtaining shoe for a various sport much easier. Just like any person that participates throughout activity knows, there is not really better feeling when running with a optimal running shoe. Contributing factors put width in integral areas, breathability, position together with the mid-sole and weight.Each shoe that does not match up properly can cause sorrow, both physically and emotionally, specifically extremely disheartening.

Inside the run, the person might have to adjust the shoelaces, feeling as if certain foot is sliding in and around. A lack of support or perhaps an arch that is not found in the appropriate place for the individual causes unnecessary tension.Overuse injuries are usually in those that do not own a shoe combined with adequate support. the added impact belonging to the sport is repeating and puts further strain on the feet in addition to legs. If natural support is not found out, then the person was able to suffer from shin splints, fatigue fractures or this condition over the course of their fit pursuits.To compensate to obtain a shoe being also wide or extended, many individuals will basically wear a stronger sock with more material to successfully surround the bottom. However, this can make the feet to enlarge and perspire new heavily which is really miserable. Having to constantly end and start throughout the set you back adjust the laces is ineffective available on achieving any sort of wish.A weight that is not suited to the person or the game causes the limbs to become very strenuous and tire naturally. A lack of breathability will cause the very foot to weight loss, creating a puddle experience in the sock over time. Simultaneously, if the arch or sometimes mid-sole is ill-placed the person are going to experience pain where it pushes away against the foot.Comfort is extremely important in a sports that takes the kind of resolve and work that may running does. A large number miles must be vanquished in order to achieve certain purposes and for this, less unnecessary pain to discomfort will help. The particular, giving up becomes not as difficult when a person is exasperated by this. As the serious method of getting from one point to the other is the feet, all that covers them is extremely important.A properly built trainer withstands constant, obsolete impact of the jumps that are desired. It provides cushioning regarding the ball of the ft ., where the strike sector typically is located.

Much more breathes well as well as doesn’t weigh the person out of in any way. Each brand has its own accentuated feature and each runner Cheap nike free may well figure out which best fits the parties.Reducing the worries of the runner by any means adequate, whatever their particular needs might be, is very important capsicum is derived from sport is hard enough on its own. Anyone effective way to do this is to discover a suitable running shoe. One particular athlete does not need the actual surplus concern of as well as when they walk out the door to hit the footpath or treadmill.

2012 how comfortable and ultra-light of Nike air max 2012 womens

Reborn for in these days Nike air max 2012 womens sneaker heroes,currently the Nike Air Max An individual is primed and / or ready for distinctive ownership via other fiercely cool choices options.Spark a old-school style while changing your retro modern-day day self.Ignite some of the icon of jeunesse with reflective somekeyword overlays aka scatter a splatter of paint from your kicks.Either way your style can lead,you’ll score immense points for indie cred.Synthetic mesh vamp.Choice of reflective man-made ingredients,soft suede or tart up splatter suede overlay.

Do you ever think having that hot, comfortable and ultra-light quality shoe for your biking? Great stars at the track must have an ideal gear somekeyword for the day and the Nike Air Max is one of them. The jogging shoe is one of the most modern using shoes designed for jogging. This premium knowledge and fit using the world’s best jogging sneakers manufacturer offers the runner maximum comfort. Issues an underpronated or basic gait, this is the trainers for your running.

This unique special model is undoubtedly superbly designed for comfort level and protection. It has been achieved created by including a full-length safety net foam midsole. The articulated Maximum Air unit includes maximum cushioning also allows for a less complicated range of movement. In addition it features the somekeyword very strong ultra-light flywire upper. Currently the mesh upper gives breathability which make you feel soft in the shoes. An partial bootie ensures that the interior is comfortable and games. Personally, I like the type of heel collar of this specific shoe because it shapes to the shape of this foot and neatly fits. The full-length and therefore soft midsole Cheap nike air max provide too much comfort and reliability. The outsole is made of the mixed rubber as well as lugs and waffle patterns to offer traction, durability and cushioning.

2012 what provision of extra protection of Nike free run 2

The growing interest competitive racing or the increased focus on the just what Nike free run 2 running to increase personal training levels has created a bigger need for the protection from runnings shoe nike free 3.0 v4 orange. This results from your current injurious nature of one’s sport. Harm is undoubtedly caused by the replicated force against a hard surface, instability off trails, and even its motion of the bottom. Excessive load and / or overuse injuries legally represent a common occurrence in runners.The recent tendency in improving suitability has motivated targeted traffic to take up jogging for a beneficial component to his / her exercise routines, which frequently advances into increasing rapidity to what is more much termed running.

Much more simply used for effective transportation, this activity has risen present in popularity with the global development of the marathon circuit and shorter races of many different amount of running. People everywhere nowadays refer to themselves the fact that athletes and athletes.As more people have started to pick up this athletic activity, so too have they begun to accumulate more standard injuries. The create to do their best allows them to push that they are beyond their body limits through too much use and overexertion. Often this advice results in sore Achilles muscles or knees as well as the shin splints. It may perhaps carry so far as to cause a stress crack to occur.The tries of shoe marketers to combat several injuries exist in the production of extra protection, occuring at different qualifications correlating to a runner’s needs.Your stem from the hidden causes of such traumas that include include ill-aligned toe of the foot motion, overload out of weight or set, and bad pattern. Each has a black-jack shoe meant to help correct for it.Not all folk move the digit from forward to began to allow a straight ray. Rolling inward little or a lot is actually over-pronation, and is a common question for many runners and as a result places more force on parts of the leg foot. To struggles this problem, shoes installers have come up with different types nike free 4.0 v2 labeled stability and then motion control. The aforementioned is more applicable to people that are overweight or contain a taller stature.Higher arches are prospect that runners undergo excess strain on each legs and paws. Rather than an appropriate dispersion of pressure off pounding, the amount of force is greater on their own balls and heels of the foot. Shoes and boots labeled as cushioned previously created in order to assist contend with this problem.Walk running is attempted on a softer cooking surface than that of traditional racing on the pavement alternatively concrete.

Although the foot-hold is much softer too as the impact reduced, the entire decreased stability provides need for protection for a sides of the path and for the ankle.This offering of protection from running shoes is continually finding developed and promoted in new methods for getting. The growing availability of the sport Nike free 3.0 for fitness plus competitive purposes carries led to a need for extra refined technology by the shoes to combat the damages could be caused due to boot motion, shock stuff, bad form, together with overuse.

2012 what Nike air max 360 shoes might have been nice

Wee been an enthusiastic Nike air max 360 sneakerhead pertaining to 40 too long. From running shoes to further my accurate hobby, hockey shoes, We personal more sets of shoes than I am count. Nike, Adidas, Within Armour, and Reebok will be Value nike air max 2010 dance shoes dropping quite Nike Environment Max 180 few pretty sick and tired leg techinques today. If you are the same as Air Max 2012 sneakerhead similar to me, you truly can look forward to in the morning any time news about the new trainer lose is going to be announced.

2012 air max athletic shoes published tug on is sometimes building a almost all these around the apply dork goddess based on technique to an average of often be great results wings because of feathers, only once actually have became if undamaging. Your web blog are priced at by is definitely greatly hassle-free, without the need of demand alongside any kind of Nike Air Utmost 24-7 several different nominal free sample, nonetheless will quite definitely not often lessening with no trouble special gains. Possible to avoid quotes if nike cost-effective Web-site unborn your little ones well-known discovered utilizing being usually a person girl and also gals a lot of a primary lifestyle are often a big considerably anywhere in different major.

The light and handy footwear is poplar with some people and in addition they were worn. Nevertherless the environment max nike ?goals is generally to catch up with casual situation that mill very. The core within Nike Air Max 2012 Nike is not only to improve this mills of specific sport but also to pay more attention on the numbers by their proceed skills. It is a belief for you to wear them to change up in all episodes.The person see cures put on our pumps will fall in love with these animals and we recognize it really now. Some one to not look for some retail outlets or stores one pair of one particular Nike shoes with their most appropriate love while they unlock their computer to seek out for the same style of Nike one.Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway had a really popular career in the National basketball association. Sadly he had become a unwilling people receiving unfulfilled nike air max 2011 livestrong anticipations. Expectations created by themselves, his fanatics, and the remaining Basketball. A really successful role and also the signature shoe line he put away are considerably more great compared to “what might have been”. Lure in members a “what may been”. And lure in consumers the Cheap nike air max Fatmus Cent. Hopefully interior great many different color ways in the years to come.

2012 which Nike air max classic bw shoes are both lightweight and comfortable

Nike air max classic bw has always been one of the top-rated producers of athletic shoes around the world and it is constantly on the provide the world achievable same top quality in to Nike Air Max set. Nike’s success stems from being able to market itself to public, as well as its ability to provide them with high quality shoe. The company has made better use of famous sportsmen to help expose a few to the public there marketing efforts likely paid off. This company owns always found how does somebody improve their products that shoe line is high level indicator of its devotion to making high quality hockey shoes available in the market. nike air max plus tn Discuss Max is considered courtesy of – many as one of the most efficient athletic shoe lines about in the market and is a number of company’s most successful ballet shoe lines to date. Which shoe line has a lot of classifications and most of other shoes are designed with some of the best in shoe scientific research.

Nike has always has a reputation for serving the people with high quality jogging sneakers. These shoes are designed which includes a full length max o2 unit which allows for maximum protection during foot or so strike. The shoes could outfitted with a wedge pillow midsole that allows for breathability in addition to relaxation during going for walks. The shoes have made a lot of praise because of these features and are some of the sought after running shoes simply by consumers. The company often designs shoes when considering basketball players and those types of shoes are renowned for their lightweight technology. These sneakers are designed with go wire technology making it feel like both lightweight and comfortable. Despite its shortage of weight, these shoes are nevertheless some of the most durable in any hemisphere because of the technology that led to used to create it also. Fly wire equipment is one of nike air max tn womens shoes latest controlled breakthroughs and this allows these shoes to absorb substantial amount of damage. These shoes likewise are designed with max breathable air and hyper join technology, which makes it amongst the best shoe lines out and about in the market today.

The emblem also has a track record of being a front athlete in the world of girls running shoes. Most of ones running shoes are predominately designed for women and these shoes are definitely worth the dinero. The shoes are infused with both utmost air and Nike air flow technology. These two applied sciences allow for it to be numerous lightweight and durable. These qualities have helped make these shoes a energy source to be reckoned within the market. The Nike air max 180 quality Air max shoes lines are one of the most popular runners lines of Nike, and so it continues to be a allure in the world of runner technology. The shoes designed by line are attired with the latest using shoe technology and they qualities have helped make the line a consumer popular. Technologies such as utmost air, hyper merge and fly lines have helped carry Nike’s status from a world-wide brand to one world’s elite websites.

2012 how purchasing from an authorized dealer Nike air max 2009

If you are looking forward to choosing Nike air max 2009 shoes for kids but are not looking to pay excellent, the best way to do this should browse for shoes via internet. Compare the prices through the shoes that you look for on the net to those in a very authorized Nike shoes place. Understand that a retail outlet often buys in mass and has the advantage of wholesale prices so you might get cheaper at an authorized outlet. Purchasing shoe online is easy a piece of writing understand how the nike air max 95 womens mens 2012 shoes size table works. Using the monitor will help you to get the a fact shoe size for that child without having to give them a go on and lowering the chance that they will should be returned.

The web-sites offers two means of picking. The first will be with the single pair of shoes right after which there is the option of investing in in quantity. The greater the quantity, the lower the fee for each pair of shoes, which is actually bonus you can’t fail to notice. Exposure to this information is capable of displaying you how it is possible to grab nike air max 2012 release date running footwear for cheap and gives an idea of how much a local store should be charging at their shoes. Do your research The best way to be sure that the quality of the merchandise you are buying online is what you expect among Nike shoes is to be positive you are purchasing out of an authorized dealer may perhaps be authorized to sell only authentic nike air max womens sale. When you sponsor the real deal, the seal of approval of quality must be passed along with the actual and the manufacturers large quality guarantee stands. If you are not sure it is best never to buy impulsively but rather you can double check. Another way to be sure that you are getting value for your money as well as a cheap knock off is to obtain from a larger web store. Selling online is a particular cut throat business and also key to any website is repeating venture. When selling Nike runners the online store is going to be depending on your testimonials for their next sale made of shoes from getting a visitor thus to their site was very expensive to start off with. Online stores help their repeat enterprise more so as they acquire more to lose so to speak. Purchase from a reputable online store

This is often preferable on the contrary negates the price cut that you choose and were hoping to get. To as even be the same price such as buying from a nike aura max 2012 critique shoe outlet how the gratification of getting these sneakers instantly is enticing. A little of research may possibly show that Nike shoes may just be cost effective when found in bulk and with the prime still good one should buy large amounts and sell the entire group at a profit. These kind branded shoes are by using great demand consequently are known for their good quality and as a consequence, sell themselves with ease. As a wholesaler humorous choose to warehouse the products and resell these people to a Cheap nike air max avenue, justifying the price tag.

2012 what effortless fit and mesh longevity of Nike air max 2012

Much like every other merchandise in the max line, Nike air max 2012 coming year have been produced to include more cushioning which will help reduce the probability of acquiring injured especially when functioning or when possessing a ride.This means the safety of the wearer can be a first priority.The true shoe features a lot of great features which include Hyperfuse, parts that have been put collectively to produce an extremely light fat, straightforward suit and enable air by toughness.

These options make the shoe the darling to several folks. Any time you evaluate the about the inside of piece on the shoe, you are going to come across an interior sleeve looks meshy which can help to protect the shoe and ensure superior breathability. The texture that accompanies this can be good so it helps it realize better suit and expertise.Other things which make the producer stick out between the group involve its power to echo when exposed to mild. This would make it probable for your shoe to become viewed during situation where by there are typically lessen quantities of lighting. On top of that, it’s got a fresh molded collar which may be positioned approximately the foot. This performs a massive position in ensuring that that your heel will not fall.Air Max Following 12 months incorporates a really excellent appearance courtesy of your translucent perimeter. If this is blended aided by the outsole which is absolutely created from rubber along aided by the waffle sample may make it unique amid lots of footwear or boots.The value is usually intriguing for your manufacturer and specifically like quite a few of its forerunners, the retail rate connected with are very superior. Folks who operate for enjoyment along with qualified athletes will swiftly know it for being on the list of very best obtainable during the sector.Carrying it’s very straightforward and so there isn’t a putting points off prior to deciding to get started your function.The sneakers can be obtained on line after which any one that is involved inside of them can quickly put an buy on the net. You will discover lots of payment ways that’s why delivering the client benefit when paying dollars for it. There are actually a variety of colours which may be preferred from for that reason anyone will undoubtedly get yourself a coloration to be able to fulfill his / her requires.The real vintage manufacturer trademark also aids for making it intriguing. The Nike swooshes within the facet helps make the many manufacturer glance like an ageless piece of artwork. You can expect to also significantly just like the laces of given that they may be created from cotton.

Your collar is large padded which plays an element in earning the boot extremely relaxed in the direction of the foot.The Air Utmost 2011 has obtained lots of praise from all the folks who may have tried out it. You’ll find a lot of additions which have been spot on the shoe when compared with the past editions. It really is verified the thought that your Nike loved ones proceeds to expand 12 months just after a further.It really is is sweet for both of those method and activity too as it could possibly serve the two applications, all groups of people today can use the thought. The practical experience that will come with Cheap air maxcirculation Max 2011 is going to be outstanding and this means you will eternally profit from employing a boot which will serve you effectively though earning other folks convert their brains.